Conservation Framing

We are a conservation framing service, meaning that all of our materials and practices are developed to help protect and preserve your artwork. 

There are a few key principles of conservation framing that we consider with every job:

Archival quality materials
All materials in direct contact with the artwork are of archival quality, meaning that they are acid-free or pH-neutral where relevant, and they are designed to remain chemically stable for as long as possible.

No contact with glazing
Glazing will always be kept away from the surface of the artwork.

Whether acrylic or glass we will always design-in a provision to keep the glazing away from the surface of your artwork, this may be a thick mount board or a deep spacer (in the case of a box frame).

Reversible mounting methods
The way that your artwork is to be held in the frame is always given careful consideration. All adhesives, tapes and other techniques are chosen to be reversible, non-invasive, and to allow the artwork to acclimatise to its environment.

Even after the best possible handling of your work it is recommended to make an assessment of its condition every ten years.

Conservation framing is intended to preserve the work in the condition that it is found. We do not undertake restoration work, but will be happy to share our industry contacts that we have been priviledged to work with.