Timber Choices
Farmed, Reclaimed, Fallen

We work primarily with timber and have spent significant time and resources to make our use of hardwoods sustainable and viable.

Our processes have evolved from an objective of maximising the styles we can offer from a core group of available materials while generating the minimum of waste.

On visiting us you’ll find our range to be focussed. We make-to-order and are constantly evolving our collection. Every profile shape we offer is prototyped and trialed.

We then run larger quantities of our core profiles with trusted timber suppliers and these are used to build our made-to-measure pieces. For our entire range of frames in painted colours we use the same core material. 

We mill, shape and detail frames individually that fall into our Bespoke category.

And we independently source the material required for Design-led projects. These will often be milled in house from rough sawn boards chosen for specific characteristics.

Timber Choices
Core Materials

The following range of timbers we commonly use. Some for their suitability for painting and re-finishing, others for their natural chracteristics.

American black walnut
Mid brown with purple. Medium grain. Light sapwood streaks and occasional black to dark mineral bands

Distinctive zebra-like pithy open grain. Pale yellow timber colour, quite consistent. Beautiful stained


Peach to orange lighter toned wood. Closed grain. Mid century associations, fiairly consistent in colour.

Wild variation in colour from deep orangey-bown to bright honey yellow. Short open grain with end-grain characterists in appearance.

Palest of natural timbers. Consistent in colour. Closed grain. Hard wearing and ideal for painting, staining and translucent stains.

Distinctive open grain with occasional madallory rays.  

Orange to red in colour. African hardwood responsibly sourced. Unusual pixel-like grain animated by clear finishes.

Pale hardwood, slightly softer in texture than others. Harvested for unusually long and straight trunks usually free from knotting due to the lower branches of the tree growing high from ground level.